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Candidate for
Director, Western Region

Claudia Kornchaya
San Francisco

Co-Founder & COO
The bamboo Organization

Statement of Interest

Claudia Kornchaya possesses extensive operational expertise, and multicultural team experience, and has held leadership roles, including that of Co-Founder & COO of The Bamboo Organization. My passion for social causes is evident through my crisis intervention and community engagement initiatives, which align seamlessly with the demands of this role for strategic leadership and positive impact.

My diverse skill set is unique and can be leveraged to drive effective change and foster connections at the regional level.

As the Western Regional Director, I am excited to bring my skills, experience, and passion for positive change to this position. I am confident in my ability to lead with dedication, integrity, and a genuine commitment to making a difference. I am eager to contribute to the success of the team and the community we serve.


Claudia Kornchaya is an accomplished professional with a decade of experience in operations and hospitality. She currently serves as the Co-Founder & COO of The Bamboo Organization. Alongside her professional commitments, Claudia also contributes to the Asian Women's Shelter as a language advocate and crisis line counselor. Her diverse career trajectory spans several industries, including airlines, healthcare, SF elections, and non-profit organizations, showcasing her adaptability and multicultural teamwork.


Claudia has played various roles in her career, including serving as a Personal Assistant in Bangkok, Thailand, in Inflight Services in Abu Dhabi, Airport Operations Manager at SFO, Executive Assistant for a Private Jet, and Logistics Supervisor for AMI. She is also deeply committed to making a positive impact by volunteering as an SF Field Election Deputy and dedicating her time to crisis intervention for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.


Claudia's passion for continuous learning is evident in her volunteer engagements for social causes. She has been actively involved in various initiatives, from supporting Pure Water for the World in Honduras to contributing to community efforts with Ocean Conservancy. As a board member of the Thai Unity Community and a planning committee member for Thai Samakkee, Claudia extends her dedication to community building.


Overall, Claudia's bio reflects a dynamic professional with a holistic commitment to personal and societal growth, emphasizing her multifaceted contributions to both professional and volunteer endeavors. Her extensive experience and dedication to serving the community make her an exceptional asset to any team.

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