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Candidate for
President Elect

Chintana Ketsongkhram
Washington, D.C.

Southern Regional Director
Thai American Samakkee Coalition

Statement of Interest

Thank you for the opportunity and your consideration for President Elect for the Thai-American Samakkee Coalition. My vision is to further unite and empower the Thai and Thai-American communities within the United States.

For more than a decade, I have been a faithfully committed co-founder and active member of the Samakkee community. I have been a devoted advocate for unity and representing the interests of Thai and Thai-American organizations nationwide. Our collective vision has been to cultivate a central platform for Thais in America, whereby connection, mutual support, and celebrated achievements and community developments are prioritized.


I have been instrumental in organizing the first Samakkee Summit at the Royal Thai Embassy in Washington D.C. since inception in 2013. I have been instrumental in organizing the first Samakkee Summit at the Royal Thai Embassy in Washington D.C. since inception in 2013. Notably, during the pandemic, I was influential in transitioning to virtual summits and monthly programs to sustain community engagement and resource sharing. 

If elected as President, my focus will be on bridging gaps within our community, enhancing communication, and serving as a resonant voice for Thai and Thai American interests in the United States. My continued commitment is to inspire and foster community service, civic engagement, leadership, and advocacy. I am dedicated to restoring our original purpose.I am passionate about rekindling our shared vision and guiding us back to the path of unity and collective growth.

My candidacy is backed by over ten years of experience in community service and leadership roles, including as the Southern Regional Director and Chair of the Membership Committee for Samakkee. Moreover, my contributions extend to various organizations such as; Vice President of the Thai Alliance in America; Board of Advisor for American Thai Chamber of Commerce; Founder of Empower Imagination; partnership with Asian American Chamber of Commerce; Final Salute Woman Veteran; among others. These roles have enriched my understanding of our community's needs and have helped me build a valuable network of connections.

I am eager to leverage my experiences, lessons learned, and extensive network to further the mission of Samakkee. My goal is to expand our community's reach and impact, bringing more Thai organizations and individuals together under our shared vision. I am honored to be considered for this role. If elected, I pledge my continued dedication to the growth and prosperity of our community. 


Chintana Ketsongkhram is an advocate for Women’s Rights, Women’s Empowerment, Community Development, Access to Capital, AM-Asian Affairs, Global Social Impact Projects, Executive Producer, Humanitarian, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Celebrity Host, First Generation Thai Immigrant, Communications Networking Media Affairs.


She developed and Managed VFOX Island AM-ASIAN Capital Markets Outreach and Affairs, Project Finance thru Primary Capital Markets Collaborations. Co-founder of Human Capital firm over 15 years of experiences in management, hiring, research, sales and business development. Member of VFOX Island Private Equity Bank Acquisition team. Member of VFOX Island Urban Development Team focus on creation of 15,000+ success wage jobs / technology training / vocational training. Member of the firms Entrepreneurial Business Accelerator team and Private Equity Pitch Event team. Recognized as an advocate for women leadership, promoting empowerment of women in workplace and community. 


She is the founder of Empower Imagination (EI) Global Platform, connecting global thought leaders with capital markets to create social impact. Founder of Global THAI Citizen (To Help And Inspire). She started the Unity Community and Kindness Movement to amplify the important of Kindness in community and encourage people to do random acts of kindness locally and globally. Through the movement she received a proclamation and acknowledgement from the state of Maryland.


Celebrity Rain-Maker, Co-Host weekly internet broadcast current affairs show produced and broadcast out of Washington DC. Founder of Chintana’s Uncorked Thai, Networking, a gathering of local entrepreneurs, young executives, and donor’s organized to empower, Inspire, motivate and embracing our differences. Advocate: For diversity in workplaces, thus removing barriers that contribute to class division, discrimination, cultural conditioning, and intergenerational poverty. Thereby creating an environment where individuals are free to excel, prosper and achieve their desired dreams. Moreover, a concerted effort to spotlight women who have escape domestic abuse and human trafficking.


She is currently Vice President, Thai Alliance in America – TAA. Co-Founder/Southern Region Director/ Chair, Membership Committee Thai American Samakkee Coalition


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