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Membership Program

Samakkee 2022


Join Our Community!

Samakkee promotes the interests of Thai and Thai American organizations in the United States. Samakkee facilitates communications, networking, and sharing of resources among its members; serves as a voice for and provides inspiration to the Thai and Thai American community in the United States; and fosters community service, civic engagement, leadership, and advocacy with, among, and for the Thai and Thai American community in the United States.

Types Of Membership

Individual Membership                        

Organizational Membership  

For more information, please email or visit


Benefits Of Membership

We provide powerful resources and connections. When you join Thai American Samakkee Coalition, you are making a strategic decision to be changemakers supporting the community. We bring together Thai and Thai American organizations and associations locally and nationally, along with professionals and experts, members of the business community, entrepreneurs,  lawyers, doctors, financial advisors and community leaders.

Membership Discounts 

Access to events we host, such as Summits, Galas, Networking or Membership Event, with discounted rates if applicable Member to member savings card [1] through Samakkee Business Card Program, for restaurant discount, business services discounts, etc.  


Voting Privilege

Members have a vote on the various leadership positions of the organization, and individual members are eligible to run for leadership positions.

Embassy Resource and Connections 

We strive to maintain open connections with the Royal Thai Embassy and the regional Thai Consulates to keep current on news affecting the Thai and Thai American community and promote changes to help guide our members. We maintain current contact information for the embassy and all consulates, seek to assist members of the Thai and Thai American community, and collect and share resources with our member organization.

Be the Bridge of Unity  

We help our members engage with not only Thai and Thai American organizations but also with the local community in their city and state. To help our organizational members engage with their own members to grow professionally and personally. We engage in social and business networking to build our Thai and Thai American community. 

Social Advocacy 

We serve as a voice for the Thai and Thai American community. We encourage and provide the means for communication and connection between our member organizations to stay up to date with social issues and changes in our community.

Economic Development [1] 

Business Resource and Connection. 

We will help gather resources and build connections to help members tap into businesses funding and gain access to the right organization with the appropriate resources available in local, state, and federal governments, as well as the private sector 

Building Youth Network [1] 

Samakkee seeks to set up programs to help bring togetherThai American youth and the next generation of Thai American leaders to connect, engage and support each other

The Center of Information and Community Outreach [1] 

Access to the Samakee Center/Directory to help members connect with each other, find resources and solutions they may need for their organization and their organization’s members, and also connect with organizations locally and nationally to communicate and share resources with each other.

Events Information Update Center [1] 

Samakkee will build an Information Center where Samakkee members can post their events or gatherings to share with other organizations/members to attend. For example, Wat Thai in different states can share when they have festivities or events with our Event billboard.

Family Network [1] 

We will support local associations to help Thai American families throughout the city and state connect with each other. We will help them find their own network within the Thai and Thai American community, create a list of local Thai families that want to stay connected together, find things in common to help raise their children, encourage children to speak Thai together, and maintain culture and tradition.

[1] Program in development

Join Samakkee

Three ways to pay your membership:

- By Zelle to
- By Venmo @Samakkee
- By Pledge at

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