What is Samakkee?

As the name "Samakkee" suggests, our mission is to unite Thai and Thai American organizations and individuals from across the United States, and provide a platform to discuss various issues, share solutions, and celebrate community development among Thais and Thai Americans

October 20 | San Diego
Samakkee Summit 2018
Marina Village Conference Center

This year’s Samakkee Summit was a great success! Over 250 attendees have gathered and celebrated our rich culture and community advancement. We, the Samakkee Coalition Team, would like to thank our generous sponsors, donors, volunteers, and YOU who made this event successful.

Check out photos of the event captured by Khun Duke, our amazing volunteer from Wat Buddhajak (Escondido).

The Samakkee Summit 2018 was hosted by Thai and Southeast Asian Association of California (TSAAC), America's Thai Chamber of Commerce (ATCC), and Royal Thai Consulate - General Los Angeles.

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