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Samakkee Summit 

All For One Unity

Samakkee Summit 2022

"Celebrating the Diversity of Thai Americans"

Join us at the 7th Samakkee Summit 2022 primarily held at the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA, on
Saturday, October 15th, 2022
from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.​

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"Celebrating the Diversity of Thai Americans"

The Thai Samakkee Summit 2022 Los Angeles is a one-day fully packed program held on Saturday, October 15th, with panels, keynote speakers, and an open brainstorming session, interspersed with networking sessions, and followed by dinner, mixers, and performances in the evening.  The main conference topic build up our national Thai American community aligning around a central theme of “Celebrating the Diversity of Thai Americans”.  

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 6:00pm-8:00pm |Networking Mixer @ LA Consul General's Residence 

Los Angeles Consul-General Tor Saralamba will host an evening Opening Welcome Reception for Samakkee Summit attendees from Southern California and around the nation. Food and Drinks provided. Admission included with Summit ticket purchase.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15, 8:00am-9:00pm |Conference @ Japanese American National Museum

An all day conference, followed by dinner and performances in the evening. Grab-and-go breakfast and lunch, buffet dinner, and light refreshments will be provided. Tickets for the entire Summit are $40 ($30 Early Bird rate through September 30).

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 10:00am-12:00pm |Guided Walking Tour of Thai Town

Led by Chanchanit Martorell, the Executive Director of Thai CDC. Participants will receive a presentation on the history of Thai Town followed by a walking tour to a Thai market, a Brahmin altar, and a magical boutique that will transport participants to Thailand's hill tribe village with the tribe's colorful handmade textiles, clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Followed by a visit to Bahn Kanom Thai (House of Thai Desserts) for a dessert demonstration and tasting. Admission included with Summit ticket purchase.

Admission (includes 4 meals):
$30 Early bird ticket (until 09/30/22)
$40 (from 10/01/22 to 10/15/22)





















About this event








Samakkee NYC 2019, NE Regional Event

 Several Thai American organizations converging onto NYC

 B2B / B2C Vendors, Sponsors, Buyers

 Multiple industries to industries

 Medical; National Security, Entrepreneurship, • Business Operations 

 Immigration • Business

 Start-Up / Biz-Plan Competition / Funded Cash Prize Competition 


Recognizing Thai Achievement in American Bridging Gaps

 Developing tomorrow's Thai leader Today. 

 Connecting Generations through events that foster communication, understand and that bring dialogue,

 Discussions and solutions to solve problems, overcome challenges and move the culture and the community forward.



Potion of the event proceeds to be donated to the Non-Profit 501 C 3 known as Your Sunshine, Inc to help support Gifted Children and children with disability, toward support flood victims in Thailand and toward Thai Heritage Scholarship Foundation



Business Attire / Ethnic Culture Attire Welcome / Camera-Ready

Promote Culture


NYC Event 2019


General Information

Sponsorship and Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in being a part of the event beyond attendance, there are many ways to help.

North East Regional, Thai American Samakkee Coalition & Global Thai Citizen


Organizer of Samakkee NYC 2019, North East Regional

Join us at the 1st Annual Samakkee NYC, NE Regional Event!

Tentative conference topics and speaker sessions planned:

  1. Economic Development, Business and Procurement Opportunities for Thai American Community

  2. Bringing Wall Street to Thai Street (how to connect, collaborate, land a top banker and accelerate)

  3. 2020 Election USA, NYC Invited Speaker Candidates for President and for Local Offices.

This Forum Hosted by VFOX Islands President of Am/Asian Affairs Chintana Vann with a potential invited representative from CNN

  1. Contracts and Thai /Asian American Supplier Diversity

  2. Samakkee DEMO Pitch Event and Best Biz Plan Prize

  3. Asset Accumulation, Asset Protection Tax and Immigration Law

  4. Fashion Show Featuring Thai Designers and Thai Performances

  5. Social and Cultural Presentations aligned with the All FOR ONE UNITY theme


Since 2013, the Samakkee Summit has been successfully hosted in different cities and gathered continuous support from Thai American organizations across the United States from Washington D.C to Seattle, to Chicago, to Las Angeles, and to San Diego CA. 

SamakkeeNew York City 2019, NE Regional will continue this tradition.

The 2019 NYC Samakkee planning committee comprises of local members from the Samakkee Coalition, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Thai American Society, America’s Thai Chamber of Commerce (ATCC), Thai Alliance in America, Global Thai Citizen and Your Sunshine, Inc.


What is Special About This Event?


This year's Samakkee NYC 2019, NE Regional Event is joined by several Thai American organizations from the medical industry, legal industry, and national entrepreneurs, with one mission: to empower Thai American Entrepreneurial initiatives. Multiple sessions, covering business operations, immigration aspects, and anything in between, will prepare you for your business's success. Topics are available for all levels of experience.


Collaboration in the Spirit of Unity and Peace

 We want to bring all levels of the Thai-American community together to celebrate our unity.

 We are Bridging the Gap Between Generations

 We believe developing tomorrow's Thai leader begins Today.   Connecting Generations through events that foster communication, understand and that bring dialogue, discourse, and solutions to solve problems, overcome challenges and move the culture and the community forward.

We are proudly recognizing our place in American Society.

 Thai-Americans are a vital component of the American landscape and have been for more than a century.   We will discuss our history and our future in America, by touching on the impact of new immigration laws, quality of life issues, human trafficking, health care, language access, access to capital for small businesses, cultural preservation and civic engagement.  - All of which are so important in this upcoming election year. 

Natwadee (Juju) Rattanasriampipong, LMT 
Executive Committee Host 
Samakkee NYC 2019, NE Regional Event


"In the spirit of Unity and Peace, we celebrate our community together, embrace our differences and help foster the leaders of tomorrow, today.  We celebrate the full spectrum of Thai American’s and our families in our beloved native Thailand. 

From our heart, we pray that Samakkee NYC 2019, NE Regional shines a beacon of light, on our accomplishments, goals, and aspirations in business, capital markets, housing, law, culture, public policy, health and wellness, entertainment, engineering, tech innovation, emerging markets and much more.

We have a voice in the 2020 election and need to organize now as Democracy has no respect for those sitting idle on the sidelines.

Samakkee means Unity. We invite the Global Thai Community and Global Citizen Community of all cultures and nationalities, to join us either live or via streaming social media for a day to remember with our extended family in New York City on November 16th, 2019.

I could not be more, proud to see everyone working so hard together.  Thank you all for your hard work, passion, your comment and your ability to rise to this level of excellence."

Chintana (Vann) Ketsongkhram 
Co-founder/ Committee Advisor / National Southern Regional Director Samakkee Coalition
President Global THAI Citizen

VP Thai Alliance in America (TAA) 


Thai American Samakkee Coalition 

In 2013, the Samakkee Summit began as a conference in Washington, D.C., to gather Thai and Thai American community members and leaders from across the United States to address various social issues impacting the Thai and Thai American community at large and to highlight opportunity areas in community development and engagement, and immigration reform.


Since then, the Summits have been passed down to different local Thai and Thai American organizational hosts in different U.S. cities to highlight issues relevant to and resources specific to the Thai and Thai American communities in that particular locality. The Summits have received continuous support from the Royal Thai Embassy in Washington, D.C., as well as the various regional Royal Thai Consulate-Generals, such as those in Chicago and Los Angeles. Thai American organizations across the United States from Washington, D.C., to Seattle, to Chicago, to Los Angeles, and to San Diego, have stepped up to host the Samakkee Summits leading up to this year’s Samakkee NYC 2019 and to the prospective formation of a national non-profit organization in 2018.


The Samakkee Summits provide a forum to promote the unity and interests of Thai and Thai Americans, to raise and address issues common to the Thai and Thai American community, and to bring Thai and Thai American organizations together and share best practices.​



Global Thai Citizen

To Help And Inspire Community. Be The Voice❤

For Years Our Platform Has Supported Causes and Events addressing issues from Housing to Human Trafficking; from Family Support to Fitness and Kids with Special Needs Support including healthy lunch and healthy, before & After Extended Learning, Health & Wellness to weekend college prep on campus, Vocational Skill Trade Advocacy, Financial Literacy Training Legacy Wealth, Asset Accumulation & Trust, VIP Private Retreats Team Building, invitations to Film & Music Pre-Screenings, Social Justice & Equality, Prison Sentencing Reform, Pop Culture & The Arts, Workforce Development, having a Voice in National Security & Government, Production of Events that Empower Activism and Social Impact, Environmentalism, Access to Capital, Tech Innovation Diversity & Inclusion, Business Startup and Equality


For Empowering Imagination For Unity in the area of Human right activist, Workforce development, Women equity, Affordable Housing, Voting and Consequences of the election.

We Believe There is a Global Thai Citizen In all of Us

Samakkee NYC 2019, North East Regional

at 4 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036

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